Frequently Asked Questions

Dryve is a service plan between you and your dealer, and covers only what you have chosen in advance: you know how much it is and the price is fixed on the day you sign for it.

You will be effectively budgeting for future services, making it less of a financial hit than if you were to pay at point of sale. You will also be paying for tomorrow’s service at today’s prices which basically future-proofs the plan and saves you money in the long run.

This is determined by your dealer but we’re sure they will be happy to cover your future services how ever high your mileage is.

There is no interest payable with the Dryve Service Planner.

There is no need to have your car examined as this is not an insurance plan or a maintenance plan; you are simply buying the next service or services (as defined by the dealer or manufacturer) thus the condition of your car is irrelevant.


Yes, you can cancel at anytime. You pay for what you have used and the remaining amount will be returned to you.

You actually don’t need a reason to cancel you plan, but we understand that life happens and it could be that you have sold your car, had it written off, traded it in, passed it on in the family or you could have simple moved to another area.

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