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DRYVE. The service plan that
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I can future-proof
my services?!

With DRYVE you can choose what you budget for.


What if I want to sell my car?!

With DRYVE you can transfer your savings to your new vehicle.


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Secure your next services based
on today's prices with DRYVE.


Why Choose dryve?

How You Save

Secure your next service at today’s prices!

Relief on your Cash-Flow

Pay monthly. No upfront lump sum payment required

No Frills, No Fuss

No interest. Just the service you want and need – nothing more!

Cancel Anytime

No obligation. Cancel anytime. Get your money back

Your budget, your choice

worry, Be

The Dryve Service Planner is transparent; you choose exactly what you want to pay for in advance, can cancel at any time and get your unused payments back.

How it works

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About the dryve service planner

Pay for your next service at today’s cost with the Dryve Service Planner.

An alternative motor servicing plan, the Dryve Service Planner enables you, via your dealer of choice, to plan and budget monthly for future vehicle expenses. You can also tailor the plan to your needs depending on the type of vehicle, services required and length of service years.

With qualified and experienced technicians, only genuine parts and approved oil are used on your vehicle because we understand how important your vehicle is to you and your safety.

The Dryve Service Planner’s software was developed by Quazar Automotive as a solution to the many problems experienced by car owners when trying to plan and pay for future services. Now car owners can plan for their next few services with a dealer of their choosing and skip the costs on things that they don’t need.

Please note: The Dryve Service Planner is only available via dealers who have the Dryve Service Planner software and is not available from us directly. Dryve merely facilitates the agreement you have with your dealer.

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What are the main benefits?

Build your own plan - from the choices the Dealer allows
Budget payments for future servicing with the dealer you choose - pay monthly
Future proof - prices fixed at today's price
100% cancellable - money back for any reason
Totally transparent and no interest payments
No application needed
No vehicle assessment
Any vehicle or any age and mileage
Covered by the CPA

The table below shows some of the features and benefits of the various plans